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Disc Grills - Perfect for Tailgaters! Rock your tailgate party this year with a custom disc cooker. Disc cookers (or Cowboy Woks) are perfect for every tailgater recipe. Easy to setup and easy to clean and can cook almost any tailgater recipe. Custom design and handmade quality that screams quality craftsmanship. Now you can professionally prepare your tailgate favorites like breakfast burritos, hamburgers and hotdogs, chili's, bacon & eggs, or just about anything you can cook up. Add your favorite NCAA or NFL team's 'No-Parking' sign and rock out with your tailgate grill out.

Design Features: All tailgate grills are handmade and hand welded and guaranteed for life. The disc itself is made from a very high quality bellota steel imported from Spain that will last a lifetime and provides for a phenomenal cooking surface. The entire unit can be broken down for ease of transport and a variety of uses. The disc is removable from the burner unit which makes for easy cleaning and serving. The legs are removable which gives you adjustable cooking heights - you can set the grill on the back of a tailgate or table without the legs or you can add the tri-pod legs to provide you with a waste high burner and cooking grill. Read more

Our Story Proprietors Jim Bob Hobbs and Ryan Collins have been using plow disc cookers for tailgating all the way back to their college days at Texas tech. Jim Bob hand made dozens of disc grills for fellow tailgaters and within a matter of years there were more requests than one man could handle. Tailgating and BBQ enthusiasts all wanted a custom Disc Grill, so with the increasing popularity and demand for Jim Bob's custom tailgate grill, we started Tailgate-Grills.com in August 2010.


All New Grills Include:

- 22" Grande Disc Grill
- Portable/Adjustable tripod base
- WARD burner system
- Weather guard hoses/connections
- CSA approved regulator
- Guaranteed for Life

- Compact Easy Transport
- Braided Stainless 3 foot hose
- Hand Fabricated & welded

propane tank not included

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Tailgate Grills are the perfect game day accessory for all BBQ grill masters. Tailor made for tailgaters, campers, hunters, RV's/Yachts or simply to accessorize your backyard BBQ Pit.

Hand crafted in Ridgway, Colorado

Easy to setup, Easy to Use and Easy to Clean